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#70 Make documentation pages in the wiki new ajanata enhancement blocker time_t overflow
#71 Edit News Post link on news post pages new ajanata enhancement critical time_t overflow
#54 Use APC to cache the featured user accepted ajanata enhancement major time_t overflow
#56 "unban" with no parameters should remove the most recently set ban new vsTerminus enhancement major time_t overflow
#62 !np doesn't give a good error message if it tries to use an invalid Last.FM account assigned vsTerminus defect major time_t overflow
#69 Comments on news posts new ajanata enhancement major time_t overflow
#1 zomg to-do list accepted vsTerminus defect minor time_t overflow
#80 Fix all htmlentities() to use XHTML and UTF-8 new ajanata defect minor time_t overflow
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