21:42 Ticket #35 (Recent tweets box?) closed by ajanata
fixed: Added in r539 and r540.
00:36 Ticket #23 (Streampage banners) closed by Grinnz
fixed: Implemented in r526 and r527


09:31 Ticket #72 (Upload !KITTY photos somewhere else) created by ajanata
(Or, alternatively, remove the link from /contact/.)
09:20 Ticket #71 (Edit News Post link on news post pages) created by ajanata
So we don't have to go to mysql directly to fix typos in news posts. We …
01:56 Ticket #25 (News archive) closed by Grinnz


23:23 Ticket #70 (Make documentation pages in the wiki) created by ajanata
We should make some documentation for setting up streams on all of the …


17:20 Ticket #65 (Fix Trac 0.12 repository browser permissions) closed by ajanata
fixed: I think I fixed this last night.
17:19 Ticket #67 (Fix bbcode in stream content) closed by ajanata
fixed: Added in r522. Only some basic tags are supported; we don't really need …


17:06 Ticket #25 (News archive) reopened by ajanata
Reopening since we need this on the new site now.
17:04 Ticket #69 (Comments on news posts) created by ajanata


17:49 Ticket #68 (Messaging) created by Grinnz
Inter-user messaging system; send messages, read inbox, replying, possible …


18:49 Ticket #67 (Fix bbcode in stream content) created by ajanata
This hasn't worked for ages. This probably requires me to do some work …
18:43 Ticket #52 (Use APC to cache the online streams list) closed by ajanata
fixed: This was done way back in #504. It caches for 10 seconds.
18:41 Milestone August 2010 completed
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