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ajanata is the backbone of SocialGamer. Without him we would all be off doing more important things, like playing Rock Band, instead of watching others play Rock Band on a website.
We love ajanata for
  • Hosting the website and related servers
  • Writing SocialGamer's IRC services (ChanServ, NickServ, etc) from scratch in Java
  • Maintaining the stream aggregator that our /streams/ page operates on

Grinnz is currently responsible for a very large chunk of the website's code. Without him and his Paper bot, we'd all be afraid to click Youtube links until someone else did it first.
We love Grinnz for
  • Writing Paper bot with all of its usefulness
  • Developing the website in his spare time
  • Sharing with us the awesomeness that is Champions Online

vsTerminus is responsible for zomg and, more recently, some of the website content. Without him, we'd all be able to think for ourselves instead of being dependent on his stupid bot.
We love vsTerminus for
  • Writing and maintaining 'zomg'
  • Introducing us to the Xyzzy AI bot
  • Introducing the Xyzzy AI bot to Twitter
  • Introducing the Xyzzy AI bot to Reddit