High Resolution Streaming

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 05:19:24 -0400 - Grinnz

I've added the ability to show high-resolution streams on streampages. As a stream owner, you can set your streampage to high res in your streampage settings. This will make the stream embed on your page appropriate for a stream of 640x360 or higher resolution.

If you are watching a stream that has been set to high resolution and you want to view it in the smaller size (so the chat will be next to the stream), go to your user options and uncheck "Show Large Streams".

We are currently hoping to make the general layout of the site better, so it may be possible to have a high resolution stream with chat next to it. We welcome any suggestions for improving the site in preparation for the release of Rock Band 3, so give us your thoughts in the support chat (#socialgamer).

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