Much Good News!

Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:53:38 -0500 - dho

Before I get to the good news, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has been active on the uservoice feedback side of things. This has helped motivate us to get things done, and has certainly been a gigantic boon in helping us prioritize new features. If you haven\'t checked it out, click the feedback link in the navigation menu. You can easily make suggestions and vote on ideas that you like the best.

Good news item number 1: Ad revenues seem to be picking back up. Yesterday our users seemed to find the ads particularly relevant -- if every day were like yesterday, we\'d be able to set up streaming in less than 4 months. I\'m excited about this because that means that not only are our ads finally relevant to our users (after the months and months of junk ads -- we\'re now getting them about technology, gaming, guitars, and even relevant Rock Band products), but it shows an upturn in the economy: advertisers pull revenue in recessions. (I must explicitly state that we cannot encourage you to click ads in any way -- if you do click ads, you must do so because you are genuinely interested in the advertisement).

Good news item number 2: This is good news for all you! I get into work about an hour early on Mondays and spend time doing stuff SG related since I\'m going to be there for the rest of the day anyway. Today\'s efforts were concentrated on the chat widget. Over the weekend, I got the widget working in MSIE 6+; this morning, I fixed the issue of not being able to chat in multiple tabs, and the disappearing nick list. Now you may have multiple chat widgets open in different browser windows (or tabs) and you\'ll be able to chat in all of them simultaneously. Note that we still limit three concurrent connections per IP address, so you can\'t be watching more than three streams at once.

Good news item number 3: dhofest 3 is coming up soon. I guess that\'s really only good news for me, but it might be entertaining for you to watch. Check out my streampage from March 13 - 16, and there will be something wacky going on, guaranteed.

Good news item number 4: We\'re coming out with some subscription-based services starting Sometime Soon. These will include some video broadcasting services, hosting, email, and various other things. If you\'re interested in this kind of stuff, keep your eyes peeled.

That\'s about it. Thanks for using SocialGamer; keep coming back!

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