New Stream Option

Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:35:48 -0400 - ajanata

I've added rudimentary support for Xfire live streams. Their software allows you to directly capture most any PC game and stream it. I've messed with it briefly and it seems to work quite well, with really nice quality. You can see an example of it on my streampage when I'm online. There is presently no way for you to configure your page to use it (which I hope to address later today), but if you wish to use it in the mean time please stop in the support chat (direct link for real IRC clients) and a member of the staff would be happy to set your account to use it for now. You may now edit your streampage to use Xfire yourself, just like Ustream and

Also, an important note: Streams which have not been seen online in 90 days no longer have their online status updated. This simply disables the "enabled" bit on the streampage settings, and you just need to re-enable it there. However, you need to be online before you do that or it'll just turn you right back off. This should no longer be required. Just re-enable it on the streampage settings page. This should significantly speed up our reaction time for streams which are still actively used. It disabled about 1370 streams, and there are about 170 still enabled.

I haven't gotten around to any work on TeamSpeak integration yet. Sorry. Hopefully next weekend!

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