Beta 2

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:02:00 -0500 - dho

We've put in a lot of time and energy to expand the scope and functionality of SocialGamer. The result is this new website: socialgamer.netbeta2. We've attempted to improve the functionality of the site in many ways: we added new features, improved usability, and grabbed a new layout.

The biggest change is the least noticable. The entire site architecture was reworked. I created a PHP MVC framework that allows us to easily manage site content, as well as add new features to the site. While this is by far the largest change for us, there are several major changes that affect users as well.

  • Most features of the site require you to log in. Streampages are still accessible for users who are not logged in, but users who are not lo gged in will not be able to chat.
  • Profile pages have been created. These function similarly to profile pages of other popular social networking sites.
  • Messaging features are introduced. You can send messages to your friends on SocialGamer. The messages are available both via the web site, and via the SocialGamer chat interface.
  • You can now affiliate with other members: join or create groups to discuss your interests and let people know who your friends are!
  • Upload photos! Every user gets their own photo album to share with the world.
  • Create your own events! If you are planning an infinite setlist, party, or otherwise, just schedule an event. Looking for something to do o n a given day? Check out the event calendar, which gives you a breakdown of what's going on.
  • Account management has been made infinitely easier. All pages share the same layout, and pretty much every page is no more than two or thre e clicks away.
  • Video hosting. Users who donate regularly may host videos on SocialGamer.
  • Forums have been ditched in favor of profile boards and group messaging.

We hope you will enjoy these changes. As always, if you have any questions suggestions, or complaints, you may contact us via email: staff at(@) socialgamer dot(.) net.

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