Staff Email Flaky

Wed, 23 Feb 2011 05:58:25 -0500 - ajanata

Email sent to any staff members in the past 8 or so hours, as well as the next 48 or so, may not be delivered. Please use the support chat until this news post is updated.

Voice Chat!

Sun, 28 Nov 2010 18:19:08 -0500 - ajanata

Following the voice chat poll from several months ago, I've set up and added authentication integration with a TeamSpeak 3 server. You can find a link to the information page in the header. Currently, there is no way to enforce permissions in a user channel, but the staff can help you set something up if you'd like. Users are free to make their own channels for the time being.

You may use this server for most anything related to video games. If you have a clan that would like to use this server, please run it by me first. Like our IRC server, we reserve the right to revoke anybody's access at any time for any reason.

Email Fixed

Sun, 21 Nov 2010 20:12:24 -0500 - ajanata

I think all issues with email should be fixed... Maybe. If you don't get your activation email, please drop by the support chat.

Yahoo and Hotmail Blocking Email

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 20:33:42 -0500 - ajanata

If you're trying to register for an account and use a Yahoo or Hotmail email address, you likely won't get your authorization email. They're both blocking mail from my server for no good reason. I've followed the instructions that their mail servers are telling mine in the error message, but it doesn't seem to have actually done anything. You'll have to use some other email address instead. Please note that this is NOT a problem on our end, it's ENTIRELY on Yahoo's and Hotmail's ends. If this doesn't clear up shortly I'll explicitly prevent people from being able to register with a Yahoo or Hotmail email address.

If you've tried to register already using a Yahoo or Hotmail email address, but have no gotten the authorization code, please drop by the support chat and we'll help you out.

Gmail does not appear to be affected.

High Resolution Streaming

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 05:19:24 -0400 - Grinnz

I've added the ability to show high-resolution streams on streampages. As a stream owner, you can set your streampage to high res in your streampage settings. This will make the stream embed on your page appropriate for a stream of 640x360 or higher resolution.

If you are watching a stream that has been set to high resolution and you want to view it in the smaller size (so the chat will be next to the stream), go to your user options and uncheck "Show Large Streams".

We are currently hoping to make the general layout of the site better, so it may be possible to have a high resolution stream with chat next to it. We welcome any suggestions for improving the site in preparation for the release of Rock Band 3, so give us your thoughts in the support chat (#socialgamer).