Streampage Content

Sat, 02 Oct 2010 23:38:04 -0400 - ajanata

I've added support for BBCode back to streampages (with large amounts of help from Grinnz). Anything you put in the Content box on the Edit Streampage page will appear at the bottom of your streampage. If you'd like something more complicated than can be done with BBCode at the bottom of your page, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Good news, everyone!

Wed, 29 Sep 2010 18:53:30 -0400 - ajanata

21:46:29 [socialgamer] -SocialGamer( [from vsTerminus] She said yes!

That is all.

New Stream Option

Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:35:48 -0400 - ajanata

I've added rudimentary support for Xfire live streams. Their software allows you to directly capture most any PC game and stream it. I've messed with it briefly and it seems to work quite well, with really nice quality. You can see an example of it on my streampage when I'm online. There is presently no way for you to configure your page to use it (which I hope to address later today), but if you wish to use it in the mean time please stop in the support chat (direct link for real IRC clients) and a member of the staff would be happy to set your account to use it for now. You may now edit your streampage to use Xfire yourself, just like Ustream and

Also, an important note: Streams which have not been seen online in 90 days no longer have their online status updated. This simply disables the "enabled" bit on the streampage settings, and you just need to re-enable it there. However, you need to be online before you do that or it'll just turn you right back off. This should no longer be required. Just re-enable it on the streampage settings page. This should significantly speed up our reaction time for streams which are still actively used. It disabled about 1370 streams, and there are about 170 still enabled.

I haven't gotten around to any work on TeamSpeak integration yet. Sorry. Hopefully next weekend!

Brief downtime

Sat, 11 Sep 2010 17:06:33 -0400 - ajanata

Got this in my inbox from Slicehost, which is where my server lives:


The server your slice was on became unresponsive to our monitoring at Sat Sep 11 17:01:12 UTC 2010 and an emergency reboot was required.

Slices were restarted and are running, however we will be monitoring this machine for further trouble.

Please note that this was a server issue and your Slice activity was not a causal factor.

We'll notify you should further action be required.

We apologize for this downtime and please contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Slicehost Support

In all, we had maybe 45 minutes to an hour of downtime. Once they noticed something was up and rebooted the physical machine, my virtual machine decided it had to check its hard drive for consistency because it had been 299 days since the last time it did that. :)

With regards to TeamSpeak, the vote looks positive enough to make it worth my while. I may work on that later today, or possibly tomorrow. I've had some sort of sinus infection for most of the last week since I've gotten home from PAX so I'm not sure I'm going to want to sit at a computer for several hours (since I've done that all week at work while ill).

Would you use voice chat?

Sun, 22 Aug 2010 03:28:24 -0400 - ajanata

Something that I've been thinking about recently is running a community TeamSpeak 3 server. For those of you who don't know, TeamSpeak is a free voice communication program. The sound quality is decent and it's relatively light on the resources. I've been running a private TeamSpeak 2 instance on this server for a while now and it's been rock-solid.

The problem is, integrating TeamSpeak 3 into our authentication system is not trivial. It most certainly can be done, but it looks like it'll take several hours to do. Instead of putting all of the effort into making it work up front and then not having anybody use it, I decided to run a quick poll first. I'm not sure how much interest will have to be required to push me over the edge of doing the work; probably not all that much.